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Set foot in Ceramic City, Powerful strength
Our brand  SUMMIT, part of NEWPEARL  group , is  Located in the center of ceramic city-Chancheng District, Foshan City, is a large-scale manufacturer for construction ceramic established in 2000.We presently has more  than 10pcs advanced production lines imported from Italy, Machinery of some SACMI7200 tons press, ROTOCOLOR roller printing machine. We mainly produce over 20 series elaboration products and 300 kinds of colors of sea series stone, snow flake stone, cloudy stone, white marble, cloud shadow stone, universe stone, colorful cloud stone, golden jade stone, super natural stones, unique stone, beautiful stone and world ceramic king of great specification, polycrystal micro-powder, micro-powder salts, micro-crystal glass. The product quality is national free inspection, and well sold to more than 40 countries and regions in great demand, the volume of export accounts for more than 30% of total sales amount of the company, we win the favor from domestic and international user deeply, is chosen as" outstanding private enterprise of Foshan" by the municipal government of Foshan in April of 2003.

Leading in the science and technology, Fashion of environment protection

In 2001, the company and Tsing-Hua University material mechanics department will develop jointly the green environmental protection ceramics, this bold and leading imagination has pushed the localization of the ceramic products to another kind of brand-new realm. At the same time, white marble, cloud shadow stone, cloudy stone with super big specification 600mmX1200mm, 1000mmX1000mm, 1200mmX1200mm, 1200mmX1800mm, its abundant and unique infinite, individual pattern, changing, through the multi-tube cloth of computer, stress the concept of the natural stone.

Looking into the world, Outstanding originality

In 2002, Summit Ceramic Co., Ltd. at vast breast that " watch world", cooperate with Italian manufacturer illumined by the inspiration idea of culture and arts of the Louvre, Put out" Summit" brand porcelain tile, archaized brick, step brick, etc., form a stable base for realizing the enterprise's aim to "Be strong and biggest".

Make perfect works, Surmounts summit

" Summit" is taken from English" SUMMIT", meaning is " summit". Facing the challenge of new century," SUMMIT" decides to surmount summit of ceramic art, makes the fine work, decorates the space of humane house.

The France the Louvres of rarity contained art of world was took as the image of "Summit" brand, the embodiment of pursuit for fine work art of individual character, is also the summit of the achievement for making progress and world ceramic art.All products of SUMMIT brand  are produced by  Foshan Sanshui Newpearl Building Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd.

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