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The main activity content on Foshan Ceramics Fall

The each preparation work of 2005 Fall China (Foshan) International Ceramics Exhibition Trade Fair is carried out smoothly, and the stalls have been subscribed 70%. The fair is held at Foshan International Convention Center in October 14-17.

New brand and new product enter in succession

According to incomplete statistics, up to middle ten days of August, in Foshan International Convention Center, many enterprises participate in, such as Newzhongyuan, New Pearl, Jinduo, Chaozhou Meibiao, Qianghui, Xiejing, Lijiaju, Huicheng Guoji, Shangyuanshanhe, Modengshidai, Jiahao, Baidi, Yueshan, Fuweida, Rongcheng Chunyi, Jinding, Wangli, Huimeitao, Kuntao, Beidi and Ougu etc which occupy 70% stalls. These enterprises are from Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shantou, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Heyuan, Foshan, Shandong, Dalian and Shanghai etc, which will promote new brand or new product at second half year. Hong Kong Xiejing Group is going to promote the product manufactured at new base of Guangdong. The relevant principal of Fuweida introduces that lots of ceramic distributors from domestic and abroad have joined in Ceramic Spring Trade Fair this year, which is hopeful to make the whole year¡¯s sale be doubled compared with last year. The principal of Yueshan Import & Export Company expresses that its considerable orders are obtained from Ceramic Trade Fair. The subordinate brands of New Pearl Group, such as Guanzhu, Summit, Gelaisi, Goldensun, Huiwangjia, Luyimodeng, Guanzhu antiquity brick and summit sanitary bathroom will draw the advantage of being close to the convention. Depending on the superior geography condition of convention hall in Foshan International Convention Center, they will exhibit products and enterprise image with best effect to the fair.

Hold three big national contests

At this trade fair, 3 climaxes will be performed, namely "Third

Session of Chinese Outstanding Ceramics Dealer Evaluation and

Promulgation", and "First Session of China Ceramics Industry Outstanding

Professional Manager Evaluation and Promulgation" as well as the contest of China

ceramics product innovative designing. The concerned people of China ceramic industry association in charge said to reporter ¡°The Chinese outstanding

ceramics dealer promulgation has already conducted 2 sessions, and several hundred outstanding ceramic dealers and excellent ceramic sales person abiding by contract and keeping promises have been evaluated, which promote marketing level and strengthen industry self-discipline.¡± Mr Zhang, a Beijing construction material dealer acquiring this honor successively for 2 years, said: ¡°the title of outstanding ceramic dealer is not only an honor, also a confirming to our work. It strengthens the customer¡¯s trust and communication, which helps promote sales achievement.¡±

The ¡°First Session of China Ceramics Industry Outstanding Professional Manager¡± evaluation is the further extension and enriching of China Outstanding Ceramic Dealer Promulgation¡±. The objects evaluated are manufacturer¡¯s general manager, vice general manager, marketing GM, vice GM, enterprise planning upper dog, and the enterprises the objects exist shall lead in profession with high sale and profit, good brand popularity and credit , as well as strong competition strength. The enterprises also shall have development foreground. The comprehensive factors of objects are the important references, such as personnel charm, force, profession contribution and status, social responsibility etc. This years¡¯ China Ceramics Product Design Contest is the second session. The referred product are required unique creation on such design ideas as styling and decorating etc, and the expression means, technique and material application must be innovate, the material and craft shall be suitable for manufacturing; the work piece shall be endowed with distinguished personality, folk feature and innovative spirit, also have strong artistic power and can be manufactured in batch. The big contest sets up gold, silver and copper prizes, and 4 item awards of committee special prize etc. The concerned organ specially set aside a large-size show spot with nearly 500 sq ms to exhibit at ceramic fall trade fair.

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