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Analyze Bathroom market of Shanghai

It's well-known that in Shanghai area, it's been nearly 10 years since bathroom is in market. In recent years, with the increasing requirement of people to residence, and the rising concerning to the top grade house in real estate market, bathroom products have become the hot sale in house decoration market, which in turn promotes the development of it. Analyzing the feature of Shanghai bathroom market from specification and appearance, we conclude following three points, which we hope helpful to relevant enterprises. At present, the bathrooms of new decoration houses in Shanghai area have no lighting window or piping well etc. The standard model is made using bathroom (800*800,900*900)corner. When everyman buys standard bathroom to install at home, he would meet size range and style harmony troubles. While non ¨Cstandard bathroom can be designed according to the practical space of the room, having more flexibility, thus it can be greatly harmonized with whole bathroom after installation. This is the key reason that non-standard ones are sold better than standard ones in Shanghai bathroom market, and the former is deeply favored by Shanghai consumers. With the unceasing development of decoration market, people don't like multi-frame bathroom any more, which not only because it is inharmonious with overall decoration, also for the bathroom's surface adopts spray-paint and baking varnish processing, it would change color and become paint flaking after long time. People had been obsessed with these troubles after experiencing one decoration, so they won't re-purchase the second time. Just these processing reasons contribute the lagged development of frame bathroom's sales volume. The non-frame bathroom adopts total different processing crafts, which overcome the shortcoming of frame bathroom, and meet the demand of present consumers: first, the appearance modeling sufficiently embody the idea of simple decoration of the consumers; secondary, non-frame ones is cleaner and easier to rinse after using; third, the surface adopts chrome-plating hardware or aluminum alloy chemistry oxygen extreme oxo-process, therefore it won't appear flaking and discoloration etc after long time. Currently, Shanghai sanitary bath market has formed a sales tendency leaded by frame bathroom (open the door, move the gate).

III. In various sales markets we can see that every large-size construction material supermarket gives priority to middle/top brand bathroom; relatively, in every lease construction material emporium, middle/low price bathroom occupy mainly. Large-size construction material supermarkets attract clients with brand, while each lease market allures customers with low price. In recent years, with the increasing accumulation of people to decoration experience, the customers have realized that compare a long-term article for use with common living expendable items, quality is more important than price. So when choosing product, the consumers are more concerned to connect quality with brand. The consumers purchase product at large-size construction material supermarkets to pursue brand for reassurance. This unchangeable mind once recognizing a brand is just the reason why Shanghai large-size construction material supermarkets are getting hotter.
General speaking, from people began to meet home bathroom function to the sedulous pursue for simplism, considering from part and whole decoration effect, people begin to abandon past used multi-frame bathroom, put more favorite to non-frame bathroom. From stressing on price to product quality and brand image, it is the sufficient expression of this modern style, embodying the host's taste for simple and bright effect of bathroom and room decoration.

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