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Water absorption is less than 0.5%
0.7 seconds instant rush down
360°full pipe glazing
one-time molding technics
Dual flushing accessories,water-saving design
The ceramic is fired by 1268℃ high temperature and 22 hours,
using the Nano self-cleaning glaze, it's easy –cleaning and strong dirty resistant

1. Technical Advantages for ceramic



Bathroom Cabinet
using high-quality natural oak material
high temperature firing ceramic basin , low water absorption , easy to clean , and is not easy to
6 working procedures
health multilayer environmental  furniture paint, smooth and waterproof

whole set made by hand
Retro carved patterns mirror frame , extraordinary style
the main cabinet has a large space, improve storage capacity
High-Quality hardware accessories , moisture-proof , anti-rust , quiet enjoyment


Steam room
Anti-power wall
Ozone sterilization
Imitation acupuncture
Automatic sewage
Pumps to protect themselves
Acupuncture point precision


Massage bathtub
Using the high-quality bathroom dedicated acrylic, durable
Good heat insulation properties, gentle touch
Appearance design is concise, according to human body engineering principle
Uniform color , smooth surface bathtub , no stratification , no bubbles, easy to clean
Unique fashion styles , variety
Automatic sewage
Pumps to protect themselves
Acupuncture point precision
Anti-power wall


2. Technical Advantages for massage bathtub:








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